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Our health relies on our harmony and balance with the elements  (earth, water, fire, air and space), which make up our constitutions of vata, pitta, and kapha. This means that a disconnect from nature is risky. Nature, by its very essence, heals us. The more in tune we are with nature and the elements, the more we can invoke our self-healing.

Our Initiatives

Our association with Shri Prakhar Paropkar Mission Trust tries to empower the community, environment and society primarily through education and upliftment of students, by building schools; specialised hospitals, gaushalas, NGOs and welfare centres across India.

Our Products

We operate in an ethical and sustainable way, dealing with our environmental and social impacts. The herbs are handpicked from the farms and washed before being manually processed to form the final product.

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What our customers have to say

Using the body oil manufactured by Prapami Healthcare has helped cure my
father’s psoriasis. He was suffering from the disease for quite sometime with
very poor recovery. He was itchy and in pain all the time. He couldn’t sleep at
nights. This medicine, to my surprise, cured his allergy completely. Now his skin
is normal and he uses it as a moisture after baths.

Surya Prakash,


I was suffering from joint and muscle pain for quite a long time. Despite using
all the pain relief creams and appropriate therapies I didn’t get 100% relief. My
friend recommended Prapami’s Body Oil and after massaging it on the effected
area, it was a miracle to get such good results in such less time.

Sanjay Agarwal,


I am not someone who usually writes and send feedbacks on sites but this oil is
really a result giver. My scalp develops dandruff during winters. I have taken
many spa treatments but was disappointed with average results. Though after
massaging this oil in my scalp, I did not get flaky scalp and it also controlled the
hair fall.

Tanya Arora,


I got severely burnt while cooking food at an ashram and they gave me burn
care medicine. I applied it right away at the wound. It was quick to relieve the
burning sensation. I continued the medicine for a week. It healed the wound and
repaired the skin such that there was no burn mark left behind.

Jagat Singh,


I am an Indian house wife and getting minor burns while cooking or frying is
usual, though the scars left are always unpleasant. Now I got Prapami Burn Care
in my first-aid kit and whenever I get burnt, it not only gives instant relief from
the burning sensation but leaves no scars behind.

Kiran Garg,


Once I was working on the furnace in my factory and got seriously burnt. My
boss gave me Burn Care and instantly told me to apply it over the affected area.
To my surprise, neither did I get any blisters nor any scars from the accident. I
would really recommend Burn Care at workplaces that involve such risks.

Sagar Garg,


My brother never had any skin problems since his childhood. But last year he
got a few pimples on his face, which turned into dark spots after recovery. After
all this, I ordered this cream for my brother and he was someone who barely
used any skincare products but after getting rid of the dark spots with the help of
this cream he started using it for skin care on a daily basis.

Mukesh Singh,


Last summer I had skin pigmentation issue which got back to even skin along
with a new glow on my face after using Prapami’s Face Shine Treatment. I would
highly recommend all the women and even men to try out this cream.



I always had very dry and rough skin with acne which always felt unpleasant
on touching. But then I found out about this cream, applied it on a regular basis
and now I really love the quality of my skin, acne is gone. All I have is a healthy
and glowing skin. Works best when applied at night.

Ayushi Nemani,


Ayurvedic treatment for cuts by Prapami is the best because not only did it
control the bleeding wound instantly but cured it faster than most other
medicines. No scars was the best part of using this medicine.

Aarti Bansal,


I developed a fungal infection called Athletes foot in between my toes which
eventually became very itchy and painful. The Ayurvedic Expert at Prapami
recommended cut cure which was very quick to cure the infection.

Guru Prasad Badoni,


Those were very difficult days when I had so much itching and pain due to
rashes caused from Herpes. I felt instant relief in itching and pain on applying the
Herpes Relief and the rashes vanished completely, in less than a week.

Vikas Sharma,


I got very bad blisters on my skin and rashes in stripe patterns on my back.
The pain, burning and itching was unbearable. I spent sleepless nights. After
getting diagnosed, it was Herpes Zoster or Shingles, as you may call it. On my
friend’s recommendation, I bought Prapami Herpes Relief and it is still
unbelievable that I could sleep the same night I applied the medicine and in a few
days, the rashes were completely gone.

Seema Badoni, BDO,


After going through severe itching, pain and discomfort in and around the
anus, I couldn’t find relief with the on-going treatment. I was looking up the web
for other medicines/treatments available in the market when I happened to
come across Pile Cure and decided to give it a try. I am glad I found Prapami. It
quickly relieved the pain and cured the lump. I strongly recommend this
medicine to anyone and everyone suffering from piles.

Shiv Shankar Jaisansaria,


I began feeling a bit discomfort in my anus region during and after passing
stool. It was starting to get itchy. I came to know about this medicine. After
applying it as instructed, it quickly controlled the itching and completely cured
my problem.

Praveen Nemani,


What our customers have to say

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